My family and I yearned for a simpler life away from the daily grind of modern society.  The change of pace afforded us the ability to focus all our efforts on providing the highest quality garlic and microgreens possible.  Convinced that nature knows what it's doing, we only use sustainable, chemical-free practices.  We've been certified organic since April of 2017 by Washington State Department of Agriculture.  So.... where'd we get the name for the farm?


     The idea for Drumming Grouse Farm came about in 2014.  One evening at our newly purchased residence, we heard an erie thumping sound coming from the forest.  We couldn't pin point where it was coming from.  Was it one of the local lumber mills?  Perhaps a neighbor was building?  The more we thought about it, the more it drove our imagination.  Over the next few days, we drove ourselves half crazy trying to determine the source of the noise.  We went to meet our neighbor and she had a odd question for us; "Have you heard the thumping?"  Surprised, I said "Yes!  What the heck is that?"  She replied, "That sound is from a male grouse that beats his wings as a mating call".  Once we knew we were going to create a farm, we looked at names that had a story behind it;  Drumming Grouse stood out from all the others.


     The story behind Drumming Grouse Farm re-kindled our imagination and led to our decision to grow organic garlic. Operations will be kept within our family with occasional assistance from close family friends.  We believe that by staying small, we can concentrate on growing the finest garlic around.


Kettle Falls, WA | info@drumminggrousefarm.com | (509) 207-9444

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