How Much Seed Do I Need?

There's a few ways to determine how much seed you need.  Here's our method....

1.  We took a look at how many good sized cloves on average are in each bulb..for each variety we carry.  You may get more cloves per bulb and you can plant them, but for growing seed garlic, we only count the large cloves.

Asian Tempest - 6

Chesnok Red - 7

Elephant - 4

Georgian Fire - 5

Inchelium Red - 10

Kettle River Giant - 8

Music - 4

Siberian - 5

Spanish Roja - 6

2.  Figure out how many plants you want per bed.  For example, we use a 5" in row and 9" between row spacing in our 30" wide by 75' long bed.  That comes out to be 500 plants per bed.  If I planted all Inchelium Red in the bed, I would need at least 50 bulbs of Inchelium Red seed garlic.  

3.  That's great, but how many POUNDS do I need?  We conservatively figure 1.5 oz per hardneck bulb, 2.5 oz per softneck and 4 oz per Elephant bulb.  So if a Inchelium Red bulb weighed on average 2.5 oz, 50 bulbs would be 125 oz.  Divide that by 16, and you'll get about 7.8 pounds.

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