Our microgreens...

If you've never eaten microgreens, you're in for a treat!  Most microgreens have a slightly milder flavor than their adult versions, but pack 4 to 40 times the nutrients! Microgreens are simply an early harvested edible plant.  Older than sprouts, but younger than baby greens, microgreens are normally harvested within 14 days from planting.  Whether adding to a salad for a burst of flavor, sprinkling a layer on a sandwich, or garnishing a favorite dish, you'll enjoy every bite!

Our microgreens are currently grown under lighting indoors.  This enables us to control growing conditions such as light exposure, temperature, and humidity more effectively to ensure healthy, vigorous plants.  

Of course, all of our microgreen seed is sourced from the very best suppliers and we purchase organically certified seed whenever possible.  Our seed is ALWAYS Non-GMO.  The majority of our microgreen varieties are certified organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Current varieties...

Come visit us at the market!

Daikon Radish

Speckled Pea

Black Oil Sunflower


Mizuna Mustard

Red Russian Kale

Basic Salad Mix

Spicy Salad Mix

Our microgreens are kept local.  We bring our products to the N.E.W. Farmers Market in Colville, WA. from May-October.  

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