Almost time!

September 22, 2016

     The pieces are starting to fall into place on the farm.  We provided a few variety samples to one of the nearby grocery stores and their produce department seem to love them!  We're also planning on attending the N.E.W. Farmers Market ( on 1 October!  That market is coming up quick, so we already have a bunch of microgreen trays on the shelf to be ready in time.  Obviously, we won't have garlic there, just microgreens.  We'll be sure to post pics!


     Our garlic field is still sitting under silage tarps.  At this point, I expect most of the weeds/grass have been killed due to almost a month of no light.  We'll be pulling the tarps in a couple weeks to get ready for planting.  Seems the exact timing to plant garlic is always a finicky subject.  A general guideline is to plant about two weeks after the first hard frost which for us should be mid-October.  I've heard both that winter will be cold and winter will be mild this year.  Looks like we'll be taking the mid-road in regards to planting depth and mulch depth.  We'll be planting the garlic about 3" deep and we'll have a 2" layer of straw mulch.  That should prevent the garlic from heaving and help regulate the winter soil temperature.


   Tomorrow, I travel right up to the Canadian border to pick up a portion of our seed garlic from another local grower!  It'll be nice to see another garlic growers'  operation.


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