Okay rain...you can stop now....

October 21, 2016

It's been raining nearly everyday for the last couple weeks!  I like the rain, it's a good thing.  It feeds the green and keeps the fire away; both good things.  But, it makes working outside less than ideal!

We're slowly getting all of our garlic in the ground despite the rain, but it's a slow process.  Waiting for a clear day is almost futile!  Guess we need to put on the rain gear and just get out there and get dirty!

The Colville farmers market is going well.  We have steady earnings and folks seem genuinely happy to see microgreens in the marketplace.  We're adding a new product in the next couple weeks and I can nearly guarantee it will be a hit!  Hopefully we can get it to the market before the end of the season.


Our microgreen production is getting very crowded.  We've doubled our production since we started and now we are severely pressed for space.  A climate controlled hoop house is needed badly!  Hopefully we can get one up by Spring.


Folks at The Daily Bread in Colville have been kind enough to offer us some shelf space to sell our microgreens.  Great little store; go check them out!  www.thedailybreadstore.com






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