Secluded and Trapped!

February 10, 2017

We made a mistake.  We thought we had it all figured.  Now we're cut-off from society!  Our mistake was not fully preparing for winter at our farm.  Up until now, winter up here hasn't been an issue.  The most snow we received in one day was maybe four inches.  That amount is only a minor inconvenience.  Sure, we've had to shovel snow, blade the driveway, and carefully drive the vehicles between snow banks., but the snow has never prevented us access.  Even below zero temperatures haven't been a big issue at all; just add more wood to the fire!  But two days ago we received about a foot and a half overnight and that contributed to the foot of snow already on the ground.  We spent the entire morning shoveling out around the vehicles.  Then we spent the rest of the morning getting the tractor and Blazer unstuck.  Luckily, I knew a guy who knew a guy who had a nice tractor-pulled snowblower.  He agreed to take care of our little mile-long snow problem for $50.  I thought, "I need to buy one of those".  But, it cost him $5000 for that snow blower!  It would take decades of use to make it worthwhile.  We'll probably just call this guy back when we have a huge dump again.  For now, we're not isolated anymore.  For next winter, I'll hopefully be able to pick up a vehicle mounted plow, fix the tractor hydraulics for bucket use, and maybe buy a little push snow blower.  Stuff is expensive!  


Farm plans continue on.  We're hiring help for our garage, mostly because I'm not going to have the time to finish it myself and we MUST have it up by July.  We'll be hanging our seed and gourmet garlic in it to cure thru the summer, but we also need it to store our stuff come next winter.  We met a local guy thru our neighbor that is a general contractor who has agreed to help us with the garage.  He has been a big help so far coaching me thru the building of charge.  So, I'm going to bring him in to "dry in" the garage (basically just getting a roof and walls on it so the inside is protected from the weather).  Concrete floor, finishing, insulation, electrical will all be done piece meal later on as finances allow.  Cost to get the 40'x60' garage dried in will be right around $12k or so.  Getting the trusses up the mountain and up on the poles will be the fun part.....


While we wait for the snow to melt, we're gearing up to start our garden seeds next month.  My gosh, it takes a bunch

of planning!  We're going big and planting many many different fruits and veggies such as:  watermelon, pumpkin, cantaloupe, zucchini, strawberries, beans, sweet peppers, hot peppers, onions, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, corn, peas, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, spinach, lettuce, artichoke, potatoes, blueberries, raspberries, herbs, sunflowers, and more!  Whew!  And, they are all certified organic seed.  Hopefully our garden will be certified organic by May. We also invested in cherry, peach, apple, pecan, and almond trees.

We've taken our microgreens to another level by offering an online purchase op

tion with local delivery available.  We believe this spring/summer the interest in our microgreens will explode locally!  We're going to be at market at least once a week and we plan on putting up a booth at local events such as the garlic festival, county fair, and cider festival at minimum.  



There's a hint of spring in the air.  Temperatures are beginning to rise.  As they do, a bit of excitement sets in.  We know we're going to be super busy all year this year.  Already I feel behind, so we're getting done what we can now to free up time later.  We  can't wait to get outdoors all day!   A few short months from now we'll be at the market offering our produce and seeing all those local friendly faces!  So much to do....

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