Winter...Go Away!

March 7, 2017

     We've been told that this has been the hardest winter for the area in recent memory.  We were also told back in the fall that October 2016 set a record for rainfall.  All this moisture is certainly a good thing.  Hopefully, that moisture will stay in the ground through the coming summer!


     The fact that winter is still here doesn't change too much for us.  We have a detailed planting schedule for our large garden that we're sticking to.  We started our artichoke and onions in their grow cells just this week!  Our microgreen growing area is doubling as our garden seed germination area and it seems to be doing the job.




     Last week, we made a bit of a breakthrough regarding our microgreen sunflowers.  We discovered a simple change in our growing process nearly TRIPLED our harvest weights!  I thought it might be a fluke, so I attempted to duplicate the outcome.  The second harvest was even bigger!  I'm working on my third trial right now and it looks to be right on track with the other two.  Of the other microgreen growers that I communicate with around the world, none of them have had a harvest as big as ours.   In a nut shell (giggles), sunflowers love heat....


     As the long winter continues, we grudgingly have to come to terms that we still need to ACT like it is winter.  Driving has been tough here on the mountain, even with four wheel drive.  A couple weeks ago I threw on a set of tire chains for our SUV to enable travel thru some slush.  After only a few yards, I heard some loud banging/popping noises.  When I investigated, I found one of the tire chains came loose and wedged itself around a ball joint.  I spent the next 30 minutes jacking up the vehicle, removing the tire, and prying the chain off from the suspension system of the vehicle.  That whole fiasco sent me online looking for a better set of chains.  I ended up getting a good pair of "Super Z's" that were simple to put on and low profile enough not to conflict with suspension components.  These things are nice; it took me about 30 seconds to put on one chain.


Till next time....

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