Stumbling Spring

May 13, 2017








Spring started slowly, then just paused altogether.  The weather hasn't been favorable for the most part.  Rainy days out number the sunny days by a margin of 3-to-1.  When that sun comes out for a few hours, you can bet there's a flurry of activity to get all the tasks done.


The market season has begun!  While we have yet to get our market garden planted (see rain discussion above), our microgreens are oblivious to inclement weather.  Rain or shine, our microgreens always look and taste great.  


We've placed our booth at the Northeast Washington Farmers Market in Colville, Washington twice a week.  So far we've attended three markets and we've received a warm reception by the locals.  Microgreens are kind of a new thing is this area and much of our time is spent educating on the benefits of microgreens.  But, they're catching on quickly and we're proud to introduce them to the community.


The garlic is turning out wonderful!  They've taken care of themselves for the most part, but as the season continues, the workload will increase.  We're getting ready to install the drip system to ensure the garlic has the correct amount of moisture at all times.  It'll also enable us to utilize "fertigation" (fertilizing through irrigation) to get the right nutrients directly to the garlic with little waste.  We will begin taking pre-orders for our seed and culinary garlic very soon.  Keep an eye on our website,, and our Facebook page for pre-order information.  First buyers get the biggest bulbs!

Speaking of garlic, we anticipate offering  garlic  scapes sometime next month at market.  Prepare to have your garlic fever quenched!


Oh yeah, as of 4/20 all of our products are Certified Organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture!  Grower #3221

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