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Summer Begins!

June 21, 2017

As summer begins, that means we are just about into garlic season.  We started cutting scapes, the flowering stalk of hardneck garlic varieties, off a few days ago.  With the scapes gone, the garlic plants should be redirecting their energy into creating large bulbs.  We checked the size of a few of our garlic bulbs and they are rapidly growing!  We'll begin harvest in a couple weeks.

In addition to our garlic, we've also been tending to our garden.  Everything we've planted is coming up nicely.  Corn will be our most numerous plant in the garden and we can't wait to bite into the sweet corn!  One major challenge we've had are dealing with pocket gophers.  These little (insert your choice word here) are relentless!  They burrow under the beds, grab roots, and pull the entire plant down into the hole to eat!  We've lost a couple cauliflower, a few peppers, and some corn due to these.,...creatures.   I wouldn't say we are "infested", but everyday we find at least one hold.  The battle continues....








Raspberries are a family favorite here and we're not satisfied with one 30' bed in the garden.  We

decided to prep for next years harvest, so we began creating two more 80' beds.  That should supply us with a good supply of sweet treats next year.


This year is flying right by.  We have numerous projects going on all the time in addition to weekly farmers markets and tending to the garlic and garden.  We're STILL waiting on our garage to be built.  At this rate I'll be happy if it's just built before winter.  But, our Labs don't see to mind one way or the other.....



Garlic pre-orders available at .  You can also find our garlic listed on









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